Christian Counseling Services

Christian counseling is an effective method of employing positive healing and growth from both past and present life circumstances so that you are able to fully move forward with an inside out, effective change. Use of scripture and prayer in the counseling process, along with application of psychological theory, helps ensure a well-rounded approach to progressive healing and ultimately positive changes in your life.

Mental health, according to the Bible begins with a true knowledge of God and the knowledge of who you are as His child.  Satan can undermine your health simply by distorting either one of these perspectives by creating confusion, chaos, fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, depression and a host of other mental and emotional distresses. As a Christian, it is necessary to understand spiritual warfare in every day challenges.

Functioning as a well rounded, whole being includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components, so it makes the most sense to also explore the spiritual aspect of your present condition when seeking answers.

Secular counseling takes a long time to draw out all of the intimate details of past and present history, and the more that is exposed, the more you feel vulnerable and frustrated.  Trying to give you positive affirmation without Jesus Christ is nothing short of encouraging you to continue trying to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.  All the counseling theories in the world can have some benefit or some quick fix, but without adding the theology of resolution, aka the cure of the soul, your mind and life will recycle over and over with no permanent resolution.

Christian counseling has that advantage over secular counseling. Following only the plan of theory and secular counsel makes clients a product of their past leaving the inner person, the soul, untouched and unhealed.  Christian counseling encourages hope through healing the inner person, renewing that which is old (past) and going forward in that which is changed, renewed and healed (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Christian Life Coaching services are for individuals looking for present or future change without any past triggers that can make change difficult.  These sessions are also from a biblical perspective and employ psychological theory to make lasting and effective change possible.

If you are not sure whether counseling or coaching is best for you, we can discuss your particular situation and see what works best with you or your family.


More and more clients are not using their insurance for counseling appointments as insurance requires a diagnosis code that will go directly into your permanent medical file which many feel is an invasion of their privacy.

I will offer you a super bill, upon request, that you may submit to your insurance company or HSA for reimbursement.  I do not file insurance for you, nor can I guarantee your financial reimbursement.

As a non-profit ministry, there is an opportunity for you to receive a sliding scale fee that may meet your financial needs more comfortably.  Please ask about this prior to your appointment so that this can be evaluated.

This 501(c)3 non-profit ministry does not seek to turn anyone away due to financial difficulty in meeting the suggested rate for professional counseling services.