Christian Counseling Gainesville, Gwinnett

Christian counseling is an effective method of employing positive healing and growth from both past and present life circumstances.  Many individuals, couples, families and groups find the christian counseling process involves both a biblical perspective and a psychological perspective that are woven together uniquely for your situation. Life’s hurts and hang-ups most often stem from a deep, inner need to find resolution or freedom from relational, physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Use of scripture and prayer in the counseling process, along with application of psychological theory, helps ensure a well-rounded approach to progressive healing and ultimately positive changes in your life.

Christian Life Coaching services are for individuals looking for present or future change without any past triggers that can make change difficult.  These sessions are also from a biblical perspective and employ psychological theory to make lasting and effective change possible.

Tiqvah Counseling, Coaching & Education, Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia and provides faith-based services of Christian Counseling, Christian Life Coaching, Temperament Therapy, and Education both nation-wide and internationally and is recognized as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under the 501 (c) (3) group exemption of Paragon Christian Alliance International (PCAI).

Christian Counseling & Coaching Courses and Degrees

At Tiqvah, we have the unique opportunity to offer you accredited degrees in christian counseling through the National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA) in either traditional or online coursework.  Supervision of all work can either be done via phone or in person in the Suwanee, Georgia office.

Life Coach Certification and Temperament Training is also available through our partnership with the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (SACC).

Clinical Supervision of faith-based academic degrees in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as license and certification, are available through Tiqvah Theological Institute (TTI).

Christian Counseling Support and Resources:

Both bi-weekly and monthly classes and workshops are available at the Suwanee, GA location. Topics rotate on a schedule that includes relevant life topics applicable to most age groups.

** All foundations in services are developed from both a psychological & theological perspective and are available regardless of spiritual, religious, or cultural affiliation.


We are located in Suwanee, Georgia in Gwinnett County and are easily accessible to surrounding counties.  Upon request, travel arrangements may be made for groups, classes/workshops, or counseling/coaching services at your location.