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Did you know that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression and that 20% of women can expect to suffer from clinical depression at some time in their lives? That’s one in five women!

That’s why Tiqvah, Coaching, Counseling & Education, Inc.,  is so pleased to announce a new DVD series through a partnership with the American Association of Christian Counseling (AACC).

Women in Depression features a leading Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Lyles, who will lead you through the common features, issues, diagnosis, and treatment of female depression. As an added benefit to pastors and church leaders, Dr. Lyles develops a plan for what the Church can do to help.

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Women in Depression



Topics of Study:

  • The Epidemic of Depression
  • Depression Throughout the Life Cycle
  • Getting the Right Help
  • Treating Depression
  • What the Church Must Do
  • Depression: After the Show

You will receive take-home sheets and work sheets for your group and have valuable time in conversation. This study is $50.00 per person for 5 weeks with 1 ½ hour meeting time. A minimum of 5 people is recommended for this session, however, some allowances may be made under certain conditions. Please email your requests so that we may discuss how best to meet your needs.